Baby Scrapbook Colors

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Baby Scrapbook Colors

Color combinations can be tough to determine. What colors will look fabulous in your books? What colors are good for baby boys and which colors are better for baby girls? Questions about color combinations are prevalent among scrappers as they create their exclusive baby scrapbooks.

Here are some color suggestions for baby scrapbook pages:

Baby boy themed pages are traditionally done in blue, reds and greens. Baby blue, tan, and kiwi green are a great combination for baby boy pages. Try a medium shade of blue with a deep red color and brown to accent. Boy pages turn out well with yellow, too. Use yellow, green and turquoise colors for some fun scrapbook pages.

Moving on to baby girls, pink is a common color used for page layouts with "girly" themes. Yellow is a fabulous color for girls too. Combine it with a bubblegum pink and kiwi green and your have an adorable mix. Use dark purple with a vanilla cream color and medium pink for another choice. Try medium blue, plum and key lime green.

There are many possibilities when it comes to colors, and experimenting with different combinations is recommended. You don't have to stick with traditional colors like blue and pink. Expand your horizons and come up with various color combinations and accents to make your pages "stand out".



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This section was really helpful!! I've been look at all different sites trying to figure out which colors would be best for my daughters scrapbook and this site was 100% helpful!


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