Baby Scrapbooking Theme: First Year of Life

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Baby Scrapbooking Theme: First Year of Life

Why not make a baby scrapbook that is all about your child's “first year of life”?

Each page layout will represent a month in your child's life. You will start with one month old and go to 12 months old. This can be an important little book to share with your kids when they get older. With pictures on each page you will be able to see how much your baby changes and develops, as they grow older.

Start with a newborn section (one page layout or several if you want more pictures); include a picture of your newborn in the hospital. Next, move on to one month, in this section you could have pictures on the baby with mom, dad, siblings etc. Include pictures of bath time and feedings. Continue to go through the entire first year. When you hit a year old you will have fun pictures of their first birthday, eating cake, opening presents, etc. Baby scrapbooks are fun, be creative and make your baby scrapbooks something your children will cherish for a lifetime.



9/7/2007 8:29:57 AM
Victoria Buckland said:

i think its a great idea


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