Using Your Scrapbook Paper Scraps

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Using Your Scrapbook Paper Scraps

When you are creating your scrapbook page layouts you are sure to have leftover paper (scraps). Some of the paper will be in strips; it will probably be in various shapes and sizes. You don't need to waste you paper scraps by throwing them away. You can use them for future layouts.

Here are some suggestions for using your scrap pieces to create beautiful designs for your scrapbooking albums.

Make a unique page topper by cutting odd sized/shaped squares and using them to mat your letters. You can magnify your letters with these exclusive mats

Make decorative page accents by using up some scraps with your favorite punches. Scraps are also useful for making confetti, photo corners, mosaic tiles, collages and are great for serendipity squares.

Scraps can also be used to make rare borders and backgrounds.

Your possibilities are endless so don't waste your scraps you could be tossing a beautiful layout idea.



9/30/2008 7:15:35 AM
Sheryl said:

My husband is in the process of finishing up the new addition to my scrapbook room and I'm wanting to do something different with my scraps. After lotz of research, I have decided to seperate the scraps all by color, each color having it's own container, probably a cropper hopper vertical storage holder, and then after every page I complete, completing a card as well with just the left over scraps of paper. In essence, killing 2 birds so to speak with one stone. Hope this idea helps someone else out as well.


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