Creating a Focal Point for Your Scrapbooking Layouts

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Creating a Focal Point for Your Scrapbooking Layouts

Scrapbook pages and layouts should have a "focal point". Your page should tell a story. A focal point is the easiest way to do tell your story. To check your layout, quickly look at the page, then ask, "What's the first thing I see on this page?" If it's not your most important photo then you need to readjust your focal point.

Here are some suggestions on how to create the correct focal point for your scrapbook pages.

1. Size. In general, large photos make wonderful focal points because they are the first to catch the eye. If you have a photo you especially like, you may want to have the photo enlarged if it is not already the right size.

2. Matting. When matting your photo, be sure to select colors that complement your photo so your focus remains on it. Also, experiment with the sizes of the mats for your focal-point photo. You can try varying the widths of the mat, leaving an uneven mat for journaling, or using patterned paper to enhance the general theme of your layout.

3. Shape. When matting your focal point photo, don't feel limited to the size and shape of the original. Call attention to your focal-point photo by adding a contrasting shape. For example, a circular photo on a square mat or an oval photo on a rectangular mat can make good focal point options.

4. Accents. Enhancements are an easy way to highlight a focal-point photo—especially if you're dealing with a photo that's not all that bright or eye-catching. Adding embellishments to your focal point is a smart way to instantly convey the theme or message of a layout. Make sure that the enhancements don't overshadow the focal point—remember that your photos should be the most important part of the layout.

Portraying the right story or image is extremely important for your memory albums. Focal points are an essential part of your scrapbook pages.



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