Using Extra Photos

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Using Extra Photos

You may not use all your photographs in your scrapbook albums. What can you do with those extra “photo memories” so they don't go to waste?

Here are some ideas about how to use your “extra” photos:

Give them away. You can give the photos you don't use to grandmas, friends or other individuals that might be interested in using them in their albums.

Make some “mini” albums for grandparents, aunts, uncles or other interested parties and use your pictures in those scrapbooks.

Let your children use the extra pictures to make their own scrapbooking albums. They can experiment with the leftover pictures and if they get ruined you won't be out anything.

You can never have enough photos to share. Even if you don't use every single picture you take in your personal scrapbook album, there will surely be many people willing to take them off your hands and enjoy your special photo memories.



9/24/2008 12:02:37 PM
scrappyinwi said:

I like to put my extra pictures in a regular album.


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