Appealing 3-D Images

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Appealing 3-D Images

You can create a 3-D effect with many scrapbooking products. There are items available to help you achieve this type of effect. Here are some scrapbooking supplies that will help you make your images "pop out" and get noticed.

Liquid glass or Diamond glass

This product can be used to outline a stamped image and make it seem like it is "popping out" off the page. It will enhance the image to make it more noticeable. These products can also be used to adhere objects such as embellishments and glitter.

3-D foam squares

These little squares of adhesive can be placed on the back of your item and glued to the page. The 3-D foam will make your image or photo mat lift away from the page so it will "stand out" from the flat piece of paper.

Liquid appliqué

This is a fun "puff" paint that can be used to outline or color in an image and create a 3-D effect for your picture. It can be used on paper or fabric. Enhance your image with this fantastic product.

These are just a few scrapbooking supplies that you can add to your collection. All of these items will help you to enhance your pages and make your scrapbooking layouts distinctively beautiful.



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