Make Your Page "Sparkle" With Prisma Glitter

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Make Your Page "Sparkle" With Prisma Glitter

Prisma glitter is a finely ground glitter with enhanced sparkle. It is made especially for scrapbooking and it will brighten up any image or letter. It can be used with stamps, die cuts, borders, etc.

All you need to use the glitter with is a good adhesive (two-way glue). You need something strong that will adhere the glitter and keep it from falling off. There is a glue pen called the "write-n-rub pen that works well with glitter, but any liquid adhesive should do as long as it is easy to control so you can keep your glitter in the areas you want it.

Rub the glue on your image, sprinkle the glitter over the glue covering it completely, then lightly tap off the excess glitter and let your glue dry. Make sure you are using memory-safe glue so it will last forever with your pages.

Glitter is fun to use and it will help "embellish" your layouts in a pleasing manner. It can be messy so it is recommended that children use it only under adult supervision.



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