Generation Stamping Technique

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Generation Stamping Technique

If you are an avid stamper then you might be looking for new ways to use your stamps. Generation stamping is a great way to add variety to your layouts and invent a "shadow effect".

Here is your supply list:

Ink pads (desired colors)

Stamps (desired images)

Scrapbook paper (cardstock)

Scrap paper (something you can experiment on)

First you need to ink your stamp with the color of your choice. Then, stamp the image on a scrap piece of paper then, without re-inking stamp the image on your project paper to make a lighter color. For multiple shades of the same image you can stamp it 3 or 4 times without re-inking. Your first stamp will be dark and it will get lighter with each "generation".

This technique is appealing and different. You can use it for a background design or for a unique scrapbooking die cut. Whatever the use generation stamping can be a new and challenging technique for your scrapbooking page needs.



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