New Scrapbook Techniques: Distressed Paper

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New Scrapbook Techniques: Distressed Paper

The trend in decorating seems to be the old distressed look. We can add this old worn look to our layouts as well for a very nice textured effect. There are several scrapbooking techniques you can use to achieve an old, distressed look. Lightly rub fine grit sandpaper or steel wool on items or paper. Lightly wet your finger and rub the paper in a circular motion for the ‘holes in jeans' look. You can burn edges of paper for an authentic antique look, which would be great for maps and journaling blocks. There are several uses for distressed paper. You can distress diectus, photo edges, mats, background paper and journaling blocks. When using these scrapbook techniques, please make sure to use caution, especially when burning.



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