Scrapbook Matting Techniques: Attaching Photo Corners

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What are some good scrapbooking techniques?

Scrapbook Matting Techniques: Attaching Photo Corners

Do you have trouble getting photos and memorabilia on straight when you use photo corners? Here is a scrapbooking technique to make the job easier. Using a pencil, lightly draw on your page where you want the photo to go. Place photo mounts in opposite corners on the item, and place it on the page, using the pencil guide. Then apply photo mounts to the two existing corners. Don't forget - if you are using lick and stick corners, use a sponge not your saliva. Saliva is acidic.



3/15/2007 12:58:53 PM
Dominik said:

I had a hard time doing this before now its so easy. THANKS

5/16/2007 5:32:49 AM
Catey said:

This scraping page gave me a
alot of tips!

7/10/2007 6:13:09 AM
Baily said:

I always have trouble with the photo corners, so that was a good tip for me.


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