Functions for Scrapbook Stickers

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What can scrapbook stickers be used for?

Functions for Scrapbook Stickers

Scrapbooking stickers can be used for several purposes on your scrapbook layouts besides decorations. Here are some of the functions of scrapbook stickers:

Scrapbook stickers can add dimension to your scrapbook layouts. Dimensional stickers or stickers with texture enhance page layouts by creating multiple dimensions on your scrapbook designs. Stickopotamus stickers, which are usually flat but can be found in textured designs, can help enhance your scrapbook page.

Anchor stickers give tags and cardstock more stability when attaching them to the layouts with brads or eyelets. They are used to make the paper stronger so it won't rip or tear.

Clear stickers are versatile and allow you to match your pages without the white outline. These stickers look great on patterned or printed paper as a subtle accent to your scrapbook layouts.

A suggestion for using old stickers that you don't want is to cut them into pieces and use them on the back of your pages to cover exposed backs of brads or eyelets. This will prevent them from making indentations in your album pages.

Stickers for scrapbooking have many purposes and functions in your scrapbooking routine. Scrapbooking with stickers give you endless possibilities.



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