Christmas Recipe Scrapbook

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What is one popular recipe scrapbook theme?

Christmas Recipe Scrapbook

Recipe scrapbooks have many themes and one popular theme is Christmas. Why not create a Christmas recipe scrapbook? You can fill this cooking scrapbook with your favorite Christmas recipes, including traditional family recipes and Christmas treats.

One suggestion is to include Christmas traditions in your recipe scrapbook so you will remember fun activities you did as a family when you were growing up.

Buy a red, green or white album that you can embellish with Christmas decorations and trimmings. Give your Christmas recipe scrapbooks a unique look with lots of ribbons and a fun title. Also include pictures of food and other Christmas memories.



9/25/2007 6:07:21 AM
lisa said:

This is a neat idea. I make family recipe scrapbooks and then for birthday or Christmas I give additional pages to add to the scrapbook. My sister still cries every time she recieves a new page. I plan to make some for other family members using the Christmas recipe idea. Our family is large and gets together for Easter and this would be a neat way to share photos and recipes. (I also have purchased some small Easter Scrapbooks and they would be perfect for a recipe book.)

1/7/2009 12:34:48 PM
Beth said:

a photo would have been nice!


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