How to Operate Your Paper Punches

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What will types of material will scrapbook punches cut through?

How to Operate Your Paper Punches

Scrapbook punches will punch through many types of material including cardstock, paper bags, sheet protectors, vellum, handmade paper, thin craft foam, etc. If you are punching through very thin or delicate materials, it is a good idea to use cardstock behind your material. This will help with tearing, ripping or jamming.

The correct way to use a paper punch is to place the punch on a table or flat surface, insert your paper and press down firmly with the heel of your hand. If you are making a border or a repetitive design you will have to use the punch upside down to keep your scrapbook punches aligned straight.

Paper punches give you an avenue to create beautiful designs and embellishments for your scrapbook pages. Keep your punches stored properly away from heat and moisture.



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