Photo Frames Using Paper Punch Art

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Where on your scrapbook pages can you use scrapbook punches?

Photo Frames Using Paper Punch Art

Scrapbook punches can be used to create distinctive photo frames for your scrapbooking layouts. Decorative paper punches are a great tool to use for photo mats to craft unique edges and designs. You can use scrapbooking punches to cut out the edges of your photo mat and use it as an overlay. In order to do this, cut your photo mat about ¼” to ½” larger than the size of your photo. Use your craft punch to form a design around the edge of the photo mat, place your photo in the center of the photo mat and cut another mat slightly larger than the first in a coordinating color. Use the largest mat as your base and place your decorative mat over the base mat. The paper punch art will stand out with the colored mat behind it.

Another photo mat idea is to use a corner punch on your photos or photo mats to create decorative or rounded corners. You can also use a scrapbook punch to make a scalloped edge around your photo mat by punching the edges and connecting the shapes all the way around your photo mat.

Creating unique photo mats for your scrapbook pages is just one of the many things you can do with your scrapbook punch tools.



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