Pre-Printed Page Layouts

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What does a pre-printed page layout scrapbook kit contain?

Pre-Printed Page Layouts

There are many different types of scrapbooking kits. Some kits come with pre-printed page layouts, which means the photo mats and design of the page are already printed on the cardstock. For example, if you have a four square layout on one page, the page is already divided with pre-printed decorative photo mats and all you need to do is embellish your pages. You may choose to be a little more elaborate and do some quick layering on your photo mats (add another mat on top of the pre-printed one).

In addition to the pre-printed pages, the kit will also contain a couple of sheets of colored cardstock and some patterned paper. It should also have some type of embellishments. Instructions and page ideas will be included, too. Scrapbooking kits give you step-by-step instructions on how to complete your page layouts, but you can still use your imagination and add your own personal touch to your pages.



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