Scrapbook Paper: Vellum

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How can you use vellum paper?

Scrapbook Paper: Vellum

Vellum scrapbook paper can be used as an overlay for other types of scrapbook paper. Vellum has a translucent appearance and is available in many colors and patterns. This distinctive scrapbook paper can be used for paper piercing, journaling, enhancing stickers or die cuts. Vellum paper is often seen on wedding-themed scrapbook pages or baby pages for a soft, angelic effect.

Transparencies are another overlay paper for scrapbook layouts. Most transparencies come with pre-printed words or themes that allow scrappers to create a quick and easy layout.

Both vellum scrapbooking paper and transparencies are so translucent that most adhesive will show through the paper. This problem can be solved by purchasing special clear adhesives made specifically for vellum and transparencies or to use other anchoring alternatives like eyelets, brads and stitching to attach your overlay to your scrapbooking base page.



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