Scrapbook Writing Tools

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What are scrapbook pens and markers used for?

Scrapbook Writing Tools

Scrapbook writing tools are essential for your scrapbooking pages. Scrapbook pens and markers have many uses when crafting a page layout. These instruments are used for journaling, coloring, borders, etc. When selecting scrapbook writing tools you should look for brands that are fade-resistant, waterproof and permanent. The width of the pen is personal preference; most pens come with a point value of fine, medium or thick. Scrapbook gel pens are also a popular choice in the scrapbooking community. Scrapbooking pens and markers are available in various colors. Markers and pens used for scrapbooking should also be acid-free and photo-safe. Another useful scrapbook writing tool is the photo labeling pencil that is safe to use on your photographs.

Scrapbook writing tools are an essential part of your scrapbooking needs. Make sure you use high-quality products that will not harm your photos or your scrapbook layouts.



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