Cropping Tools for Scrapbooking

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What are the basic cutting tools for scrapbooking?

Cropping Tools for Scrapbooking

There are some basic scrapbooking cutting tools that should be in every avid scrapper's scrapbook tool collection. These scrapbooking cutting tools include a paper trimmer, sharp scissors, corner rounder and cutting blades with shape templates.

A personal paper trimmer is must-have when it comes to scrapbooking cropping tools. This versatile scrapbooking tool will help you crop photos by cutting against a straight edge to make your squares even and crisp.

Sharp scissors are also a very important cropping tool. In order to cut photos, paper and embellishments you need a sharp, clean pair of shears to do the job. Scissors can be used to cut unique shapes that otherwise would not be possible with any other type of cropping tool.

A corner rounder can add a decorative edge to your photographs. These little tools soften your photo mats and frames to create a unique look for your scrapbooking layouts.

A shape-cutting system is also essential. These cutting systems are great cropping tools to use on your photographs to cut basic shapes and borders. These cutting systems will create perfectly proportioned circles, ovals, hearts and more.

Using these basic cropping tools will help give your scrapbooking layouts a professional touch and allow you to evenly cut your papers and photos with a flawless finish.



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