Card Making With Paper Bliss Embellishments

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What are Paper Bliss embellishments used for?

Card Making With Paper Bliss Embellishments

Many avid scrappers like to make custom cards for special events. Card making has become a popular craft in the scrapbooking community. There are many embellishments that can be used on cards as well as your scrapbook pages to make them unique.

Paper Bliss embellishments are a popular decoration for page layouts and cards. They are thick 3-D stickers that are made of layered paper die-cuts with other decorative materials such as beads, buttons, fabric, etc.

Paper Bliss embellishments can provide a beautiful accent for hand-made cards and other scrapbooking projects. Paper Bliss embellishments are available in different shapes, sizes and themes. You can buy baby themed embellishments from Paper Bliss, school themed assortments or something for your favorite holiday. Paper Bliss embellishments will add appeal to all of your scrapbooking activities.



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