Rub-on Transfers: Versatile and Easy to Use

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Where on my scrapbooking pages can I use rub-on transfers?

Rub-on Transfers: Versatile and Easy to Use

Rub-on transfers are very versatile for your scrapbooking pages and layouts. There are many places you can use rub-on transfers for your scrapbook activities. The easiest place to use the rub-ons is on a flat surface like cardstock, patterned paper or photographs. Rub-ons are fairly easy to use but you may need practice when it comes to getting them straight and even on your surface. Most rub-on transfers come with a tool like a piece of wood to use for rubbing. After you have mastered rub-ons for flat surfaces you can move on to the next level which would be using rub-on transfers on material, ribbon, twill, glass, metal and mesh. For these types of material you need to make sure you use rub-on transfers that are sticky enough to adhere to your object (some brands tend to be stickier than others).

Rub-ons transfers can also be used with heating guns or you can bake them on shrink plastic. They will not melt so you can emboss over them or bake them with your shrink plastic projects. Although some rub-on transfers may be fragile and you have to be careful not to rip or tear the rub-on they can be used to add appeal to many scrapbook layouts and/or craft projects



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