Create a 3-D Illusion With Color

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How can I create dimension with my stamps?

Create a 3-D Illusion With Color

A few simple coloring tools can transform a single stamped image into a beautiful work of art in 3-D. You can transform your image dramatically using inkpads, coloring pencils, markers and a stipple brush.

First stamp your image on to the cardstock. Then, using coloring pencils in a shade lighter and a shade darker than the shade of your ink, color the image by going over the edges with a scribbling-like effect. Now, gently trace the picture with a fine tipped black scrapbooking pen or marker to make the image stand out. Using a stipple brush, stipple around the edges of the image in a coordinating color of ink (pat the stipple brush on to your ink pad until you get your desired amount of ink).

Creating dimension for your page layouts is very appealing and 3-D images look great in your memory books.



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