Color for Metal Accessories

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How can I customize metal accessories?

Color for Metal Accessories

Using inks to add eye-catching color can customize metal accessories. Match your accessories to your stamps and cardstock by “inking” them with matching colors. Mix your desired color of ink with liquid glass (which can be purchases from most scrapbook supply stores) and create bold, vibrant colors for your metal embellishments.

Squeeze out a generous amount of liquid glass on to a piece of scrap cardstock and add a drop (or two for darker colors) of re-inker. Stir it with a paintbrush and apply the mixture to your accessories by using the brush or swirling the item in the solution. Let them dry for several hours and then add them to your page layout.

Customize your accessories in advance for quick page assembly. You can make your colors as dark or pale as you would like. This technique allows you to make one-of-a –kind pages for your memory books.



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