Paper Tearing Technique

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Paper Tearing Technique

Paper tearing is a popular technique used by many scrappers. You can use any kind of scrapbooking paper for this technique. The torn look has taken the industry to new levels. One downfall to paper tearing is you don't always get the look or pattern you want. Your tears may not go the right way when you are tearing free hand. In order to fix this problem you can try using a water pen and drawing out your pattern. The wet paper will be easy to tear and you will be able to tear along your pattern. Make sure the when you draw your lines that the water soaks completely through your paper without bleeding through to other areas. Your paper should tear precisely on the lines you draw with your water pen.

Water pens are handy tools that should be included in your scrapbooking collection. They can be found at scrapbook supply stores and most craft stores.



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