Handmade Scrapbooking Paper

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Handmade Scrapbooking Paper

Handmade paper is a decorative paper that adds texture to your scrapbook pages. It can be expensive to buy at a scrapbooking or paper store. You can use regular scrapbooking paper like cardstock to give your paper a “handmade appearance” by following some simple instructions.
First, run a piece of cardstock under water to soak both sides of the paper. Once wet, crumple the paper in your hands. Now, partially unfold and then crumple a second time to add lots of wrinkles.

Use a flat, steam-free iron the dry the paper flat. When ironing, flip the paper back and forth on each side to dry.

For a unique look, keep one edge of your paper wet and use your fingers to manipulate the paper this will give it a "curled" edge look. This edge can be left as is or chalked/inked for distinctive look.

This technique is useful for borders and photo mat options.



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