Adhesive Solutions for Hemp Cord

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Adhesive Solutions for Hemp Cord

Hemp cord is a popular embellishment for scrapbook layouts. It adds a "rugged" appeal to the pages and is great for decorating, outlining photo mats, borders and holding tags. Since the cord has some substance and weighs more than just a paper, some people have trouble gluing the cord and making it stay on the page.

Here are some scrapbooking adhesive suggestions for adhering hemp cord to your scrapbook layouts:

Draw a line on your paper where you are going to attach the cord, then follow the line with a Zip glue pen and place the cord in the glue holding it gently for about 30-40 seconds while the glue bonds to the cord and the paper.

Glue dots are also a strong adhesive that works well for hemp cord. Stretch the dots along the line on your paper and then place the cord on top.

When attaching cord, ribbon and other fabric or rope-like products you need to be sure to use a strong adhesive that can handle the weight of your embellishment.



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