Totally Digital Scrapbooking

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Totally Digital Scrapbooking

Computer generated scrapbook layouts are becoming more and more popular. The computer has become a valuable tool and somewhat of a “timesaver” for busy individuals who want to preserve their memories but don't have time for all the “frills”. Not only can the pages be done totally on the computer digital photographs can also be scanned right onto your pages. Everything can be printed in one single unit and you have a “clean” well-organized page layout.

Scanners can also be used to scan old photographs and memorabilia that can add so much to your scrapbooks. Software programs are available that are specifically designed to create wonderful scrapbooks and fabulous graphics. You can manipulate pictures in these software programs and they have outstanding designs and clip art images.

Computers make it easy to add “special effects” to your pages. You can generate beautiful scrapbook pages at the “click of a button” with computer graphics and specialized software your possibilities are endless.

Computers also make it possible to make copies for other people easily and you can even share your pages through email and other Internet options.



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