Computer Scrapbooking

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Computer Scrapbooking

Computer scrapbooking has become an accepted activity among scrappers and there are different levels of computer scrapbooking. You can use a computer for journaling, clip art, and other graphic designs. With these types of tasks you just “cut and paste” onto your page layouts.

The next level of computer scrapbooking is to design your entire page layout on your computer screen. This is an easy progression from doing print, cut, and paste. The difference is that decorations and text are all arranged and formatted on the computer and printed as a single page except for the photographs and possibly the photo frames. These kinds of pages can still be “adorned” by adding photo mats, frames and other scrapbooking embellishments. With a computer generated page layout you can carefully design a well-balanced page to place in your memory book.



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