Rub-Ons Take the Industry by Storm

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Rub-Ons Take the Industry by Storm

Rub-ons are becoming a popular item among scrappers. They started with a simple alphabet from Making Memories and now there has been an explosion in the industry. Because of popular demand now there are alphabet fonts and different images, designs and borders available in the rub-on format. The price point is right and they are easy to use.

All you need is your rub-ons and a wooden craft stick, which can be purchased at scrapbooking supplies and craft stores. Place your rub-on in the area where you want it to appear on the paper and gently rub with your craft stick. Make sure you rub the entire image and rub it hard enough to transfer onto your paper, gently peel off the transfer paper and “voila” you have a perfect image or letter for your scrapbook page.

Rub-ons can be combined with other scrapbooking embellishments. Stickers are almost being replaced by rub-ons a new trend in the scrapbooking industry.



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