Paint Cans

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Paint Cans

Paint can decorating has become a popular trend among avid scrappers. These little cans are used for storage, pencil holders, candy dishes, desk decorations, etc.

Supply list for paint cans:

Metal cans (Dole fruit cans work well as long as you use a can opener with a safety mechanism; so your edges are not jagged)
Cardstock and/or patterned paper
Embellishments such as ribbon, brads, eyelets

Decide what type of covering you want to use. Either use a patterned paper or random stamp your cardstock to make your background. If you are going to use eyelets or brads in your background you need to attach them before you wrap your can. Be creative with your can; decorate it to suit your needs. It is good to have a theme such as a "school theme" for a teacher gift or a "baby theme" for a shower present.

After you have covered your can then you are ready for all the "frills". You can use stamped images or stickers to decorate around your can. Tie a ribbon at the top for added appeal. These cans are fun projects for kids in school or activities at home.



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