How to Correct Partially Stamped Images

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How to Correct Partially Stamped Images

Stamps are a popular tool for scrapbooking page creations and layouts. There are so many stamping designs and they offers lots of versatility for your pages. Before you start to stamp your pages make sure your inkpads are wet and full of ink.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are you may run into some minor problems while stamping your scrapbook pages. One problem stampers stumble upon is partially stamped images.

Here are some solutions to correct your stamping problems.

Start by re-inking the stamp. Then, hold the layout on a light box or sunny window and line the inked stamp up with the partially stamped image. Now you can re-stamp.

Use a gel pen to fill in the missing areas of your image. Fill in and outline random portions of the picture to make it blend together.

Re-stamp the image onto a coordinating piece of paper and place over the original image.

These ideas are just a few solutions to fixing your stamping blunders. You can purchase stamps at scrapbooking supply stores and other retail outlets.



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