Transparencies for Scrapbooking

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Transparencies for Scrapbooking

Transparencies can be successfully used in scrapbooking pages. They provide a way to do a quick and easy layout. You can completely change the look and feel of a layout by incorporating a transparency. You can purchase transparencies at stores that specialize in scrapbook supplies.

Transparencies provide a great way to eliminate the feeling of blank space and they help enhance your pages. There are many styles, designs, and even colors for transparencies. Creative Imaginations make transparencies for all occassions. They tend to specialize in word transparencies, which can be used for a variety of themes.

You can cut your transparency. If you have a limited space, or don't want to cover something up, just get out the scissors and snip out the areas you want to use.

One way to use a pre-printed transparency is to cut out pieces and use them as embellishments. Mix and match your transparencies. Cut out the words or images you want from two or more transparencies to create the appearance you are looking for.

Scrapbooking paint works great on your transparencies. You can buy paints from “Making Memories” that coordinate with their cardstock colors. As in one example, you can highlight words or phrases with your paints. You can also paint the pictures or images on the transparency.



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