Vellum quotes

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How do you use vellum quotes?

Vellum quotes

Vellum quotes are a common sight in scrapbooking. They have their place in the art, however there are some precautions one must take in using them. For one, they are not to be overused. You do not want 20 different quotes going on in one page or you will only create confusion. If you have a larger photo with several people and a lot of space you can use more than one. Overdoing these quotes will make your scrapbook look like the notebook of a crazed high school girl. Normally I take the time to find photos in which the quote goes with the expression on the subject's face, and in which there is not much else going on. You should use them to spice up pages, but not take them over. Most are in sticker form and can be applied like your standard sticker.



5/21/2007 4:11:00 PM
Rose said:

This was helpful but what if the quotes arent in sticker form. How do you use them, do you just but glue on the back and use the whole thing?

6/29/2007 10:09:12 PM
meee said:

can you tell how to use them?


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